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My 2019 New Years Resolution is simple. My goal is simply to be happy. Fall asleep to wonderful dreams instead of nightmares. Spend my time with people that love me, not those who hurt me. Design beautiful collections for even more beautiful women. Appreciate my life everyday. Trust my gut feelings. Help others. Learn new recipes. Inspire and meet new creatives. Heal. Get a new tattoo. Remove an old tattoo. Move into that live work loft I always dreamed of. Hold hands. Be in love. Appreciate the little things like city when it’s silent at night and old friends who send texts to remind me of the songs I used to love playing on the radio. Have a rooftop cocktail party because I was sick in bed on NYE. Just be happy. ✨ Wishing everyone a wonderful 2019, xo Alyssa Nicole

Pleated Skirt by Alyssa Nicole. Designed in San Francisco

The Freya Skirt, Alyssa Nicole Fall 2018 | Jiavona Marques Photography Bloglovin

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