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Inhale the goodness that this world has to offer, and exhale the tranquility, gratitude and beauty that exists within you. Live in harmony with the world around you. Take from and contribute to it equally. Become one, both as one who exists within, and one who gives back to the universe. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays. xo, Alyssa Nicole

Crafted for Alyssa Nicole Collection, the Millie Skirt & Gracie Blouse are a perfect pair for the Holiday season. The Millie Skirt exudes ladylike charm designed in breathtaking crimson tulle. Tulle layers delight with feminine charm. The Gracie Blouse is romantic and charms with a soft bow tie. Playful flared sleeves are soft and elegant. Shop the look below.

The Gracie Blouse, Alyssa Nicole Fall 2018 | The Millie Skirt, Alyssa Nicole Fall 2018 | Jiavona Marques Photography Bloglovin

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