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Seven years ago, I wished upon a star to meet someone like you. It feels surreal now for you are the summer I hate and the winter I love. You’re an enigma I don’t want to solve. Seven years ago, I blew on a dandelion for someone like you. Best friends. Holding hands when my nightmares are louder than my heartbeat. Goofy things. Dancing on the road, even with how hard the rain is falling. I say, falling. Because it makes the world so blurry and soft. Just like you. Seven years ago, the thought of being alone haunted me. Now that you’re here, smiles fill the spaces. Being with you calms the monsters inside my soul. Your presence reminds me of a garden of flowers I love. Erase that. You’re not just a garden. You’re the world. Mine. And now, the present matters. I look at the stars and I see your eyes. Twinkling, and a little bit stubborn. I listen to songs you recommend and why do they sound just like your laughter. Your presence makes everything lighter, like a breath. Like something I hold on to for the rest of the night when the world is spinning slowly.

PG49249-37EFF045-19D8-4D1A-9AD7-7A1B58032BDC (1)Alyssa Nicole In The Fall Chloe Dress 045A7054Alyssa Nicole In The Fall Chloe Dress 045A6993

The Chloe Dress, Alyssa Nicole Spring 2015 | Jeremy Chen Photography | Bloglovin

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