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Do you ever go through old books at the library just to see the what little notes hidden between the pages that people leave behind? Buried between chapters, dusty words, dog eared pages you find little treasures and can’t help but wonder if the universe brought you to that very book – that exact page, by some sort of accidental destiny. The hard thing about remarkable occurrences like this is that there’s no actual way to determine between coincidence and fate.


The Leah dress captivates with it’s chic low cut bodice. A fitted flared mini skirt exudes ladylike charm. Effortless in an understated neutral palette, ethereal designed in sustainable linen. Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Shop the look below!


The Leah Dress, Alyssa Nicole Spring 2018 | Simrah Farrukh Photography | Bloglovin

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