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All things happen for a reason you see. No matter how hard you try, some things will never change life’s unknown sea. But that’s the beautiful flaw of our humanity: we don’t just give up on what we think is meant to be.

Delicate and ultra-feminine, this chic dress is carefully crafted for Alyssa Nicole’s FW17 Collection. The Charlotte Dress is breathtaking in an understated neutral palette. The ruffle neckline is feminine and complements the ladylike flared skirt. Soft flounce sleeves are charming on this feminine frock. Shop the look here.

Alyssa_Nicole_Fall_2017_Down_By_The_Water_ 70Alyssa_Nicole_Fall_2017_Down_By_The_Water_ 57Alyssa_Nicole_Fall_2017_Down_By_The_Water_ 51Alyssa_Nicole_Fall_2017_Down_By_The_Water_ 52Alyssa_Nicole_Fall_2017_Down_By_The_Water_ 65Alyssa_Nicole_Fall_2017_Down_By_The_Water_ 53Alyssa_Nicole_Fall_2017_Down_By_The_Water_ 81Alyssa_Nicole_Fall_2017_Down_By_The_Water_ 71Alyssa_Nicole_Fall_2017_Down_By_The_Water_ 67 The Charlotte Dress, Alyssa Nicole Fall 2017 | Lawrence Deleon Photography | Bloglovin 

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