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It feels so good to be back home for the Holidays! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family to spend Christmas with. I usually spend Christmas Eve with my Mom & her family. One of my favorite Christmas Eve traditions is baking chocolate chip cookies with my mom to wrap up and gift to our loved ones. Our entire family is always so excited for these cookies on Christmas Eve, it’s so sweet & makes me so happy to see them enjoy cookies I handmade with love.

Every year my mom and I bake her special recipe chocolate chip cookies for Christmas together, but this year I tried to surprise her by showing up for Christmas Eve with our special recipe cookies a day early. Upon my arrival I discovered that she also baked a batch of our chocolate chip cookies! Luckily we have a huge family to eat all of these cookies because I definitely would not be fitting into the dresses from my FW17 collection after this holiday! Wishing you & your loved ones a wonderful Christmas Eve, xo Alyssa Nicole

Alyssa_Nicole_Fall_2017_Christmas_Eve_06777.JPGAlyssa_Nicole_Fall_2017_Christmas_Eve_0680 (1)Alyssa_Nicole_Fall_2017_Christmas_Eve_0683

The Mia Dress, Alyssa Nicole Fall 2017 | Lawrence Deleon Photography | Bloglovin 


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