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It’s been a such a lovely December, the holiday spirit in San Francisco has had me in a festive mood and I even prepared for Christmas shopping early this year! I made Several trips to Union Square to shop & see the Christmas Tree with friends and family – after mimosa brunch of course (Union Square gets crazy during the holidays)!

I just arrived to my families Christmas celebration, and I’m totally at ease blogging in front of a cozy fireplace and beautiful Christmas tree. I’m looking forward to seeing my loved ones and seeing them unwrap the gifts I picked out for them. Last night I hosted a candle lit Christmas dinner – comfort food and a classic Christmas Spotify playlist to set the mood in my soma apartment. I woke up early this am to bake my homemade chocolate chip cookies for xmas, although I was a little tired from a late night celebration! Looking forward to Xmas eve & more here on the blog tomorrow! Xo, Alyssa Nicole


 The Marlow Dress, Alyssa Nicole Fall 2017 | Photography by Alex Fortunato | Bloglovin 

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