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The calm countryside has me missing the small town I grew up in. Living in Soma has me accustomed to the busy city sidewalks and sounds of construction in the early am. Luckily the Holidays have arrived and I’m able to go back home for a few days to unplug and spend time with family.  I’ve learned to love my new home in soma, where I’ve tried to create my own peaceful environment to live and design in. The latest addition to my patio (which before only held a cozy outdoor papasan chair) now includes a small side table and wooden chairs so I can enjoy dinner with candle light as the sun sets over soma.

I never noticed before, but I have a lovely little view of the stars shimmering over my apartment at night. My little outdoor sanctuary would not be complete without a grassy plant accents to remind me of the dry central valley flatlands. Furnishing my outdoor space has me inspired to design my own outdoor pieces for Home by Alyssa Nicole. Stay tuned for new arrivals soon, xo Alyssa Nicole.


 The Karlie Dress, Alyssa Nicole Fall 2017 | Photography by Alex Fortunato | Bloglovin 

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