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Sometimes all I need is a country weekend escape to inspire me into working on a new collection. Rolling hills, the wind whispering through dry grass, and big blue open skies sweep me away into a countryside daydream. As soon as I release a new collection, I’m starting to think about the next. Sketching new designs and planning for my clients wardrobes for the next spring season is how I spent the past few weeks in December.

This year I released a small collection of home furnishings and I spent a lot of time thinking about how I can incorporate new products into the line within the upcoming year. Home by Alyssa Nicole is a project I’ve been so excited about, and the California countryside has been inspiring some of my new designs. Stay tuned for new pieces coming to the shop next spring! xo, Alyssa Nicole


 The Mia Dress, Alyssa Nicole Fall 2017 | Photography by Alex Fortunato | Bloglovin 

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