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A couple weeks ago I ventured out on a relaxing day trip to Tomales Bay. It was exactly what I needed, sunshine, crisp autumn weather, and a little time out of the city.

After a long drive up to Tomales Bay, we stopped at a small market near Point Reyes for freshly baked bread, Cowgirl Creamery cheese, and tea for a coastal picnic at the beach. The chill winter breeze while watching the sunset was a perfect ending to a lazy Sunday out of town. More from my trip to Tomales Bay on my Designer Diary soon! Xo, Alyssa Nicole

Alyssa_Nicole_Fall_2017_OnTheDocks_Lucy_Dress_DSC01988Alyssa_Nicole_Fall_2017_OnTheDocks_Lucy_Dress_DSC02014Alyssa_Nicole_Fall_2017_OnTheDocks_Lucy_Dress_DSC02088 The Lucy Dress, Alyssa Nicole Fall 2017 | Photography by Alex Fortunato | Bloglovin

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