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The last few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. From finishing my Fall/Winter 17 collection to being mugged in San Francisco, and back to back photo shoots for the FW17 campaign, to say this month has been crazy and emotionally exhausting is an understatement – I don’t even know where to start!

A few weeks ago I was on my walk home and literally had my purse ripped out of my hand! I don’t know what came over me, a rush of adrenaline and I just ran after the guy. I chased him through rush hour traffic for 2 blocks, dodging moving cars, managing to round up a gang of bicyclists to chase him down with me. I happened to be wearing sneakers this day and just as I caught up to him he dropped the purse! After this incident, I was in complete shock that I had such courage to confront this thief (although I never really confronted face to face because he kept running).

Lately, I have been so inspired by all the women around me who have a tremendous amount of courage and strength. I was totally shocked that I myself have this courage that I didn’t even know I had. That same week I had seen so many women that I knew and admired have the strength to voice their injustice via the “Me Too” movement on Facebook/Instagram and I have been feeling disappointed in myself for not speaking up when I have this platform and voice to do so. Maybe I just started to feel defeated, maybe living in a city does that to you. I am sexually harassed at least 3-5 times a day (yes, I live in a sketchy part of soma so it comes with the territory) and I have had my fair share of traumatic expirences that I don’t wish to elaborate on or taint this beautiful ethereal digital world I have created – (obviously, have to save all the real stuff for my memoir!) but after this expirence I realized that I was stronger and braver then I thought I was. So I often think about my “purpose” as I know we all do, and for whatever reason, I still have no idea but I think somehow through lots of trial and error, accidents, coincidences, and tragedies we are making our way there (whereever that may be, just make sure it’s not a sketchy corner on Mission Street!).

On a lighter note, I finished my Fall 2017 Collection! It’s taken me some time this season, but I wanted to make sure it’s just right. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with & can’t wait to release the line! I have reached a level of exhaustion that I didn’t know existed. Between photographing the line in studio & on location, modeling for the blog, and balancing all this on top of my full time job at Gap, Inc., I’m surprised I managed to put together a seemingly perfect line. (At least, I think it is!) Stay tuned, new collection & new arrivals in just a few!

Float On Alyssa Nicole Karlie Dress San Francisco Ocean Beach 2Float On Alyssa Nicole Karlie Dress San Francisco Ocean Beach 4Float On Alyssa Nicole Karlie Dress San Francisco Ocean Beach 10Float On Alyssa Nicole Karlie Dress San Francisco Ocean Beach 12Float On Alyssa Nicole Karlie Dress San Francisco Ocean Beach 6

 The Karlie Dress, Alyssa Nicole Spring 2017 | J. Ky Marsh Photography | Bloglovin


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