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I’m still working on my collection & have been thinking a lot about beauty or what defines beauty as I make my way through the new line. I always think that vulnerability is beautiful and try to evoke that feeling or mood in my brand and within my collection. Sometimes I feel as if I’m under an enormous amount of pressure trying to create a perfect line for my clientele, and as I make my way to completing a line, I realize that no matter what I design these women will be beautiful and continue to inspire me with their light. I love that I can be a part of the lives of these women by designing for their lifestyle. I feel a huge sense of responsibility to deliver a perfect collection, and after 10 years of designing collections I’m still trying to understand what beauty is and what fashion means to me.

I think now, more then ever appearances can be deceptive. Especially living in a digital age where women are feed these images of the ideal lifestyle on Instagram. While most of us are working 9-5s, IG and Facebook sells us these lifestyles of jet setters, designer handbags, and perfect bodies. To be completely honest, I’ve never admired another woman for her physical beauty or for having an aspirational lifestyle. I think this is why lifestyle blogs don’t really resonate with me and I’m left feeling really uninspired lately – avoiding social media and turning to books and articles in Porter Magazine instead. I’ve always been surrounded by women who are career focused, driven, and ambitious. I respect women who work hard and lead some sort of life with a purpose, whether it be to support their families or to give back to a greater cause. I believe it takes more then physical beauty to be a beautiful person. These are the women that I design for, and for my upcoming collection I’ve designed pieces for these types of women. I want the her to wear the dress, not the dress to wear her. New pieces coming soon, stay tuned. xo, Alyssa Nicole

Eternity Alyssa Nicole Claire Dress 1

 The Claire Dress, Alyssa Nicole Spring 2017 | J. Ky Marsh Photography | Bloglovin

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