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Summer hasn’t even arrived and I’m already thinking about the fall. Every year when summer approaches I begin to think about the upcoming fall/winter season. I’m sitting in my studio blogging right now because I spent the last two hours working on tear sheets and for some reason, I just can’t envision fall/winter. Maybe it’s because I haven’t vacationed in what seems like years. This often happens when I’m stuck in the city, I can’t remember the last inspiration road trip I’ve been on – I’ve been on a few trips for weddings or holiday weekend, but nothing with a clear focus for collection inspiration. I feel uninspired, hoping that my wanderlust will kick in. I spend every day at the Ferry Building, trying new things for lunch, people watching on Embarcadero, thinking about what it used to be like driving over the bay bridge as the city slowly approaches. Now I’ve been here for years and I just miss the country so much – dry grass, rolling hills, warm dry summers. I’ll update my Designer Diary here on the blog once I get inspired for the next collection. Until then, read my latest interview about Alyssa Nicole in Forbes here.

Shining Sea Alyssa Nicole Haley Dress 1

Shining Sea Alyssa Nicole Haley Dress 2

Shining Sea Alyssa Nicole Haley Dress 4

Shining Sea Alyssa Nicole Haley Dress 3The Haley Dress, Alyssa Nicole Spring 2017Kai Sotto Photography  | Bloglovin

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