As you know – as an avid reader of the Alyssa Nicole blog considering you’re reading these words now – you may know that I just so happen to be a hopeless romantic. So you must know Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays of all time. I spend most of November-December every year day dreaming about being swept off my feet. You know, wearing the perfect dress, and eating a chocolate truffle or Parisian macaroon with a view across the sea on Feb. 14th – glass of Champagne in hand & dimple exposed grin across my face with the boy I love. Most recently, in the past few years, all my ex’s got engaged or married – so many feelings of loss, sadness, inadequacy – idk it just sucked all together and knowing I prioritized my career over relationships was really hard for me to accept. So not only did I have the saddest year of my early 20s – I was like fully feeling like Lena Dunham naked in a sad episode of GIRLS. So I decided that this would be a year of optimism for me. Last year – this time – I was bumming out watching some sad re-run of Dateline on Lifetime network as I designed a new spring collection. And today, as I’m planning a lookbook for my SS17 collection, I have a clear vision of hope and eternal optimism. Not to mention finally have someone to watch those sad episodes of true crime documentaries with me. So I’m feeling glass half full again. That being said, if you don’t have a date on Valentine’s day, this is basically the last holiday of holiday season so – 1) Get your Netflix binge on 2)Wear a sexy Alyssa Nicole dress 3) Eat at all the chocolate you can find left over at the local CVS 4) Top it off with a glass of champagne – in honor of yourself. There is still hope in 2017 – and I plan to fully bring hope and optimism to you with my SS17 collection. Just trust, xo Alyssa Nicole




The Danielle Dress, Alyssa Nicole Fall 2016Sarah Ching Photography  | Bloglovin

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