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As I’m working on my upcoming collection I keep thinking about how time flies so quickly, I can’t even believe it’s February already and my deadline for sampling is in a few days. My favorite season is just weeks away and I really can’t wait to spend spring/summer in chic day dresses sunbathing on the Northern California coast. I’ve been stuck in a sort of day dreamy kind of state which tends to happen when I’m working on collection. I find myself drifting off mid conversation thinking about new ways to drape handkerchief skirts, then envision the designs soft fluid movement in an ethereal coastal setting. I’m really looking forward to photographing the new collection for our upcoming lookbook and have started planning with our editorial team. You’ll have to forgive for today’s micro-blog post. I have to get back to working on collection so stay tuned for the new line soon! xo, Alyssa Nicole




The Emily Dress, Alyssa Nicole Fall 2016Sarah Ching Photography  | Bloglovin

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