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I woke up Monday morning from a hazy rainy weekend in San Francisco with the sun shining light across my face.  After a slightly stressful week I spent Sunday indoors listening to the rain, eating Thai food, and indulging in a red velvet brownie layer birthday cake. Daydreaming on a rainy day and binge eating over Netflix documentaries helped bring me clarity for a new week so I can dive into the new collection with full focus.

I enjoyed my lazy Sunday after a full day at the Women’s March San Francisco. Saturday afternoon people from all across the country flooded their cities for the Women’s March. I’ve never marched or been to a protest before and knew I had to march alongside thousands of other women so our voices would be heard. Although it was pouring rain in San Francisco, we marched across the city together. I was so proud of all the women and men across the country that marched for women’s rights. I believe that all humans should have equal rights and I am so proud of everyone that marched for what they believe in.




Alyssa Nicole Ethereal Girl Ocean Beach Emma Dress 5.jpg

The Emma Dress, Alyssa Nicole Fall 2016Sarah Ching Photography  | Bloglovin

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