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It was clear to me the moment I saw this breathtaking sunset on a crisp winter day. I feel as if I’ve been waiting for years for this moment of clarity. In a clouded modern day world of notifications, txt messages, and hundreds of emails – in this moment, at Ocean beach among the sea foam and salty air – I watched the sun set and finally felt clear. For so many years I’ve been trying to perfect and reinvent myself season after season and I have officially burned out on it. I just want to clear my head and be somewhere I feel alive and for me the only place to do that is on the pacific coast with a view across the sea. I don’t want to force design – I want to feel it. So that when the final collection comes together – it embodies everything I was feeling from the moment I knew. The moment when I could almost feel myself in the soft fluid silk chiffon dresses sunbathing in the springtime. New collection coming SS17, xo Alyssa Nicole




The Hannah Dress, Alyssa Nicole Fall 2016Sarah Ching Photography  | Bloglovin


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