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Now more then ever, age has been on my mind. At 25 years young, I’ve almost been designing for 10 years now (crazy to think about!) And in these last 10 years, I have been so career driven and focused on my collection that I can’t help but wonder if I had wasted away some of my youth. Thinking back to college (and a few years in high school), I spent most nights working on dress orders for clients instead of making memories with friends and wonder if I’ve missed out on an important time in my youth. I wouldn’t change anything of course, I love my life and I feel so blessed to have had all the amazing opportunities for my brand over the years. In the past few seasons I’ve been experiencing burn out from all the collections and I’ve read a lot of designers are experiencing the same feeling with the demand for fast fashion. Maybe I’ll just have to make up for lost time in the new year, but before that I have to work on the new collection & catch up on blogging here in my Designer Diary – stay tuned! xo, Alyssa Nicole



The Taylor Skirt, Alyssa Nicole Fall 2016 | The Kate BlouseSimrah Photography | Bloglovin

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