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I’m in the first stages of design process for my new collection and looking forward to a waterfront weekend of sketching designs on the coast. While I’m still wrapping up orders in the shop – I’m thinking about what’s important to me & the Alyssa Nicole girl for the upcoming season. Sustainability is the first thing that comes to mind. When I relaunched my line as demi couture two years ago, I began to design smaller runs of carefully handcrafted crafted garments. I believe it’s important as a young designer to make the decision to become a sustainable brand.

After time, I’ve started to re-wear most of the pieces in my wardrobe & find that I have a sort of uniform consisting of 1-2 jackets (denim & army) layered over an Alyssa Nicole dress. I find myself investing a little more in quality pieces so I don’t have to buy as many items – looking back on my first few years of designing I think about the thoughtfully designed dresses which established the dna of Alyssa Nicole. Today I want to put the same awareness into designing a sustainable collection. Stay tuned for design updates in my Designer Diary!






The Emma Dress, Alyssa Nicole Fall 2016 | Simrah Photography | Bloglovin

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