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Femininity and graceful silhouettes are a staple for the Alyssa Nicole Collection. Ballerinas are literally the epitome of grace – and watching the SF Ballet perform has been so moving and inspirational.As mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, I recently saw the performance Hummingbird at the SF Ballet to which I wore my Lace Bell Sleeve Dress from Alyssa Nicole SS15. I am beyond excited to be working on a custom piece for my friend Jordan who dances in the SF Ballet.

Spring is keeping me busy as I work on a gorgeous airy wedding gown in the shop! After consideration of a bridal collection, bridal designs have been on my mind. I collaborated with a very talented photographer, Scot Woodman, who also designs a line of crowns! Scot understands my moody ethereal aesthetic to a T – he sees the same dreamy, airy, beauty in the world as I do. Recently I made a trip to his office & design studio where we talked whimsy, weddings, and I played dress up in the new headpieces from his collection for Spellbound Crowns. As a designer usually on the other side of fittings, I was overwhelmed with bliss as I styled headpieces from his collection!



Alyssa Nicole SS15 Collection | Spellbound Crowns |  Featuring Dior Beauty | Scot Woodman Photography

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