This season we collaborated with a writer for the story line of our short film. “Still Cold” is an exploration of coldness and feeling fragile. Defining oneself at the point between childhood and adulthood – “Still Cold” is our refusal to be jaded by the world.

Still Cold
It’s cold.

The house. The road. Like stone.

I walk around in it, it protects me, it shields me.

Cold like the stars.

I can feel myself growing colder.

I could possibly be fading.

Still, the moonlight is cold—

Winter’s fallen like dusk.

The cold hits my skin – a shell which is hollow inside.

I climb up through the barbed vines in the woods; the city is tangled with them, they try to wound me, but I carry a shield.

The night is cold, but the stars still light my way.  
Story in collaboration with: 
Nora Camagna-Rodriguez, Alyssa Casares, Dexter Ho, & Shannon Aguiar  
alyssa nicole, fall 2014, designer, couture, little black dress, lookbook, photoshoot, fashion, blue velvet, black organza dress, black cocktail dress, alyssa nicole still cold collection, san francisco, sf designer, sf style

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