This season I decided to shoot a short film for my Fall 2014 Collection. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for some time – but for my cinematographer Dex- it took some serious convincing. We generally shoot my fashion films in the context of a music video – but this season I had a vision and I knew exactly what I wanted. I knew right away when conceptualizing the collection that the story line needed to reflect my inspiration “Still Cold” and as mentioned in my previous blog about our Fall 14 lookbook, the collection was inspired by my interpretation of ‘coldness’.

We collaborated with a writer this season for the story line of the short film. We had settled on the story line having two parts, beginning with exploring coldness and ending the story with optimism. With the help of our photographer, we were able to decide on two locations for the video -beginning our shoot at the Legion of Honor and ending it at the Spire by Andy Goldsworthy in the Presidio, San Francisco.
“Still Cold” is an exploration of coldness and feeling fragile. Defining oneself at the point between childhood and adulthood – “Still Cold” is our refusal to be jaded by the world.
Still cold, like the stars
Cinematography by Dexter Ho // Makeup & Hair Styling by Hedy Lavinsky // Modeled by Shannon Aguiar & Phebe Standley // Styling by Alyssa Casares & Emme Nguyen // Story in collaboration with Nora Camagna-Rodriguez, Alyssa Casares, Dexter Ho, & Shannon Aguiar 

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